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Trap for moles (round)

Price: 7,5 vnt.




Mesh for moles

Mesh size 19x19mm, weight 50g/m2.

Guards against moles. Also suitable for turf reinforcement protects the soil from erosion, ideal for small slopes reinforced.

Sellinrolls: 2x200m. Measured.

Price: 1,45  m. * largerquantitiespricecould be combinea


For the lawn and landscaping be nice for a long time and does not damage the lawn to form mounds, would not hurt the plants, it is important to prevent moles on your own property. Protection of moles can be twofold. You can delete or moles, or protect against release to the site and do not damage the lawn.
Mole,whn trench his cave, displacing the excess soil vertically to the surface of the lawn, and making a volcano-shaped mound atypical. Moles causes damage to the lawn and plants in most cases are sporadic, as most moles are not vegetarians, and eat a variety of insects in the soil. Hillock, formed by the mole pushed soil is often very noticeable on the lawn, the top opening of molehills grass die and places have black patches in the meadow. It is also known that moles can damage house foundations or wall structures for voids caused ravine caverns.
Protection against moles, which offer a humane way to prevent turf damage. Guards use a special network of moles does not delve anywhere. It is observed that the two types of moles Raus tunnels. Trunk moles tunnels can reach a depth of 1.2 m, while the other moles caves are close to the surface, in the fertile soils, which moles looking for food.
Protect your lawn from moles possible horizontally or vertically. Horizontal protection starts from the trench excavation of land around 1-1.2 m, from a network of moles in the trench is placed vertically and trench burial. This causes vertical barrier moles get into the plot, but if you have a mole in your plot, the barrier will not be enough. In this case the required horizontal protection against moles. In the lawn before installing approximately 5-10 cm depth, and paves the way for Bury exactly the same network.
If you have already installed a gorgeous lawn, it is natural that the protection from moles do not want to spoil the existing lawn and then re-install it again. So you can install a vertical network protection


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