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Easy and fast way to build a greenhouse using plastic pipes, also known as arcs.

There are several ways to build a greenhouse, but whatever way it is, most importantly, the right choice of tubes (hoops).

Greenhouse frame construction pipes are used must be white, otherwise the sun will quicken the pipe, and the heat from the covered damage the polyethylene film.

Greenhouse building pipes are 50mm in diameter, length: 5.5 meters (6 feet by special coating, leaving the two ends overlap).


Arcs (pipes) needed for the greenhouse calculation:

Greenhouse frame hoops (pipes) recommended the construction of 70cm apart. This greenhouse is sturdy, plastic will not create "pockets", which takes the water.

Requires arcs (pipes) content = (greenhouse length / distance between the arcs) + 1

It must be remembered that one arc (tube) is required from the green end. In that sense, if you are planning to build a 5 meter greenhouse, you will need eight arcs (pipes).

Desired length of 5 meters greenhouse
The distance between the arcs 70cm = 0.7 m

(5 / 0.7) + 1 = 8


Film needed to cover the plastic hoop for the greenhouse calculation:

Film length:

When calculating how much a film covering of green, keep in mind to assess the greenhouse height. Usually built 2 meters tall greenhouses, so the length of the greenhouse emissions need to add a double height. That is, the film will cover the ends of the greenhouse. In this way, the calculation will be enough for you and the greenhouse doors or windows.

The required film length = length + greenhouse (greenhouse height x 2)

Film width:

If you are planning to build a greenhouse in standard sizes for personalized collars, then you will only need a standard 6-meter wide. Because the greenhouse frame using bows (their length 5:50 m) You bet greenhouse about 2 meters high and about 2.9 meters wide.


In the example, the greenhouse is 10 meters long, 2 meters high, 2.8 meters wide.
Such a standard is sufficient for the greenhouse greenhouse film, which is 6 meters wide.
The length of the film must be at least 14 meters = 10 meters (greenhouse length) + (2 meters (greenhouse height) x 2)


Greenhouse from plastic hoop assembly:

The boards want to hammer the size of the frame. Capture the frame to the desired location at the corners of the earth can hammer the reinforcement pieces.
Starting from the corner and the edge of the proceeding is about 60 - 70cm in the ground ridges require reinforcement pieces (about 40cm long).
Do this by both sides.
On nailed onto plastic pipe fittings. Several inches pipe insert into the ground.
n order to comply with the enhanced tubes can be attached to the frame. To use a perforated metal band or something like that.
Tubes fasten to each other. You can do this by using either another tube (if long enough) or wooden boards.
Both ends of the green boards or beams ridges require a frame. At one end of the frame to be that attached to the door, and the other - you can knock up, or the same door frame or window frame. Greenhouse ends must be opened to ventilate.
Connect the rear frame bow.

Pull the
plastic wrap. The sides remain approximately 25cm film ends overlap.

A wooden
board wrap the remaining end of the film, push the reference to the greenhouse frame and strong nail. These do on all sides and from both sides. It is important that the film be good tense.

also pull the ends of the film. For good tighten foil wrap around the door frame, and finally attach it to the reference frame.

The doors
make the boards or beams, tighten the flexible and overlay film.

Bow 50x3, 0 white (length 5.5 m.) - Price: 5.35  pcs.


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