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                              Watering system Klasika





              KLASIKA STRIPE

               (for water supply)

This is a new , once suitable for drip irrigation kit that allows you to evenly distribute water and nutrients to the roots of each plant . It is growing and plant quality and yield.
The kit usually install , use and maintain any special skills irrigation systems does not have one.




The kit for watering up to 70 m2. In an emergency, you can increase the area watered.

Suitable for larger greenhouses, garden irrigation. This is the perfect solution for watering : lettuce , carrots , herbs , strawberries, tomatoes , cucumbers , peppers and other other similar type of plants. If necessary, watered plants can be increased.

The system is fed from the water tap .
Depending on the quality of water is recommended to be equipped with a filter. (not included ).



  • - Saving water (especially in arid areas);
  • - Improved water and crop care, even in adverse weather conditions ;
  • - Increasing the size and quality of the crop , even if the water is too low or poor ;
  • - Decreasing the likelihood of weeds and diseases , you can use much less chemicals ;
  • - You do not need constant monitoring , and requires less manpower to manage and monitor the irrigation system;
  • - Easy operation and maintenance ;
  • - Low initial investment ;
  • - Environmental Sustainability .

Manufacturer: EU

Price: 38/ set





Electronic controls ORBIT

( for water supply)

ORBIT electronic control unit with one or two outlets. 

In particular, a simple "three-step" programming. You only need to choose how often you want to water, what irrigation duration, set watering time. 


  • ▪ Can be used outdoors. Attached to the inlet of the crane; 
  • ▪ Suitable only for cold water; 
  • ▪ Not resistant to cold; 
  • ▪ Operation requires two AA-type batteries; 
  • ▪ There is a watering delay function. 

Brand: Orbit 

Price includes one output: 53/  pc. 

Price with two outputs: 73/  pc.

Water reservoir / capacity

Various containers / reservoirs

Different shape and volume of containers / tanks are ideal for use in the garden, garden, greenhouse, terrace.

A wide selection of decorative reservoirs.

Price: * selected capacity

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