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                              Watering system Klasika





              KLASIKA SPIDER 4

               (for water supply)

This is a new , once suitable for drip irrigation kit that allows you to evenly distribute water and nutrients to the roots of each plant . It is growing and plant quality and yield.
The kit usually install , use and maintain any special skills irrigation systems does not have one.



The kit for watering up to 40 plants. Suitable for greenhouses with a total area of up to 10 m2.
This is the perfect solution for watering tomatoes , cucumbers , peppers and other similar type of plants. If necessary , watered plants can be increased .
The system is fed from the water tap .
Depending on the quality of water is recommended to be equipped with a filter. (not included ).



  • - Saving water (especially in arid areas);
  • - Improved water and crop care, even in adverse weather conditions ;
  • - Increasing the size and quality of the crop , even if the water is too low or poor ;
  • - Decreasing the likelihood of weeds and diseases , you can use much less chemicals ;
  • - You do not need constant monitoring , and requires less manpower to manage and monitor the irrigation system;
  • - Easy operation and maintenance ;
  • - Low initial investment ;
  • - Environmental Sustainability .

Manufacturer: EU

Price: 32€/ set





Electronic controls ORBIT

( for water supply)

ORBIT electronic control unit with one or two outlets. 

In particular, a simple "three-step" programming. You only need to choose how often you want to water, what irrigation duration, set watering time. 


  • ▪ Can be used outdoors. Attached to the inlet of the crane; 
  • ▪ Suitable only for cold water; 
  • ▪ Not resistant to cold; 
  • ▪ Operation requires two AA-type batteries; 
  • ▪ There is a watering delay function. 

Brand: Orbit 

Price includes one output: 53/ pc. 

Price with two outputs: 73/ pc.

Water reservoir / capacity

Various containers / reservoirs

Different shape and volume of containers / tanks are ideal for use in the garden, garden, greenhouse, terrace.

A wide selection of decorative reservoirs.

Price: * selected capacity

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