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                     Watering system Klasika





Irrigation system KLASIKA DROP

(without pressure compensation)


Watering (irrigation) system for greenhouses - this is the most modern and at the same time the cheapest way to moisten. Capillary / dropping irrigation method for irrigation in greenhouses and in open plantations. Install a modern irrigation system saves water and labor costs, will ensure smooth plant irrigation.

Watering (capillary / dropping) pipe used in a wide range of seasonal farming, nurseries, greenhouses, flower and other plant crops irrigation.

The production of high-quality polyethylene provides high resistance to ultraviolet rays the product and agriculture fertilizers and chemicals

Mechanical durability and high flexibility allows the product to use the harshest conditions. Each dropper has an internal filter, which, along with the hot water flow and provides continuous cleaning and wash.

Watering going directly to the plant root zone.

When the irrigation system is adapted to gravitaciniam pressure of water flowing in it only affected by its own weight. The water is raised above the pressure of this system is, the stronger the flow. Our irrigation systems water (water tank) is enough to raise only 1 meter in height.
For example:
1 meter of the water column is equal to 0.1 atm.
10 meters of the water column is equal to 1 atm.




  1. Water tank to be lifted off the ground at least 1 m
  2. All screw connections must use Teflon sealing tape.
  3. When installing the filter is necessary to pay attention to the arrows shown on the hull. They show the direction of flowing water.
  4. Remove the adapter ring Throttle and put it on the pipe.
  5. Insert the adapter into the tube so that the tube is in contact with iškišimą.
  6. Ring pinch tube.
  7. Insert the connection pipe.
  8. Tees and elbows help to connect the tube to the drip tube.
  9. Retainer drip tube to the ground.
  10. Stick the drip pipe end.



  • Water tank raised at least 1 foot above the ground.
  • The distance between holes 45 cm
  • Filter with a constant mesh cartridge clean.
  • Filtration 120 microns.



  • Before the first watering the entire system needs to be flushed.
  • Drop pipe shall be washed regularly, the frequency depends on the amount of dirt in the water.
  • You can only use soluble or liquid fertilizer, otherwise the drip tape can clog up.
  • The fertilizer use system calls with clean water (no fertilizer) to avoid fertilizer residue inside the band.




Water reservoir / capacity

Various containers / reservoirs

Different shape and volume of containers / tanks are ideal for use in the garden, garden, greenhouse, terrace.

A wide selection of decorative reservoirs.

Price: * selected capacity


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