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Arched glasshouse Baltic LT is a greenhouse designed and manufactured in Lithuania, tailored to the needs of each client. Great value for money. The spacious and spacious greenhouse will make the most of its space. In a greenhouse, the light and heat are evenly distributed, which accelerates the growth of the plants, resulting in a really great and abundant crop. The 1mm thick omega-shaped profiles used for the greenhouse construction are made of 78mm wide strips. Prefabricated with M5 bolts. The brackets are supplied with each arch so there is no need to disassemble during winter. Greenhouse 4mm or 6mm ducted polycarbonate guarantees / ensures its longevity and exceptional thermal insulation properties. Polycarbonate is extremely impact and hail resistant. Thanks to its transparency (approx. 85% transparency), it provides excellent sunlight for plants and thanks to UV stabilizers, it protects plants from the harmful effects of direct sunlight.


Rigid galvanized metal omega-shaped profile frame; Made of 1mm 78mm wide galvanized metal strip; Easy and quick to assemble; Detailed installation instructions with graphic drawings are provided; Most details are marked; High quality 4 or 6 mm thick coating made in Europe; The polycarbonate coating is partially ready for installation. Follow the installation instructions provided during assembly; Made and completed in Lithuania; Reinforcements are placed in each arch - so the greenhouse does not need to be dismantled for the winter; Greenhouse packaging is easy to transport - maximum length 2.35 m; An extensive range of accessories to make your time in the greenhouse easier. Possibility to extend the greenhouse every 2 meters to the desired length.

    Differences from Russian greenhouses:

    Assemble M5 bolts with nuts instead of M3; Polycarbonate made in Europe; The frame is fastened with screws with plastic gaskets, resistant to UV radiation and not with metal washers or polypropylene strips; The greenhouse frame is made of 1 mm wide, galvanized metal strip as much as 78 mm.

    Possible greenhouse accessories:

    Skylights; Automatic sunroof openers; Automatic door openers; Greenhouse track separations; Additional doors; Partitions; Irrigation systems; Planting kits; Shelves.

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