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  • We invite you to choose the most suitable GREENHOUSE!


                          Planning to get a quality GREENHOUSE

                   Dear customers, we wish to select and buy durable greenhouses and enjoy not only new but also a quality purchase.

                     To acquire the greenhouse, it is worth a rush.

Winter season, with prices much lower, and the choice is quite wide.

Why should you now choose long-lasting, high-quality, easily assembled, environmentally friendly and most important greenhouse?

Greenhouses from used plastic pipes and carried wood beams can still be seen in remote villages or gardeners. Those who take care of your yard aesthetics, looking graceful forms and materials of modern greenhouses.

Greenhouses are not only usability, but also a kind of aesthetic homestead accent.

Withstand the attacks of ice
*Lately, perhaps best seen covering greenhouses - polycarbonate sheets. They stand a pretty good insulation, weather-resistant and climate change. There is no need to fear the hot rays of the sun from the polycarbonate melt, change shape - it is really a proof.
Compared to glass, polycarbonate also miss the plants harmful ultraviolet rays, but is permeable to the useful radiation spectrum spreads evenly and plants necessary for optimal light.
Polycarbonate greenhouses is considered the most advanced coating not only on a special light transmittance. Double-wall structure guarantees its strength. So working with a spade a greenhouse, do not be afraid of accidentally brush stick coating. Unlike glass, from a relatively small impact polycarbonate really cracks.
There is a proposed dual polycarbonate cover: 4 mm and 6 mm thick sheets. Thicker sheets can withstand up to 115 km / hr. travel at 2 cm in diameter hail ice cream. Manufacturers claim that our climate is enough to cover greenhouses and 4 mm. And 6mm. thick polycarbonate sheets.

Concrete foundation is no longer necessary
*are collected in a greenhouse framework to move the orange groves from one place to another.
It used to build the greenhouse before the hosts spilled concrete foundations of a structure. They sometimes lay a substitute for concrete piles, concrete lawn boards.
For modern light-weight structural aluminum greenhouses concrete foundation is required. Most manufacturers offer relatively thick galvanized steel or aluminum framework of, say, that this is enough.

Indeed, such a foundation sufficient for a decade or even longer. That building a strong wind is undisturbed, the corners of the foundation is to establish a relatively long pickets. It is enough to stick in the ground.

What is covered GREENHOUSE      

 *The film is already obsolete, and replace the plastic coating glass
What is covered with orange groves? During the economic downturn the best solution would be to buy a polyethylene film. It - the cheapest price per square meter, according to the film density, and less than LTL. However, the film may be a short green coat - just to keep the season. After a winter of frequent polyethylene film coated with a new greenhouse to be coated with a cloak - to change its surface.

The main disadvantages of polyethylene - a relatively poor thermal insulation properties, they quickly wear out, spend hard ultraviolet radiation, which is not a positive effect on plants.
Glass covered greenhouses can be durable, but they must be vigilantly monitored. Careless movement of the shovel or other tool can split or completely broken glass. It happens that at least one glass sheet can be replaced annually. Winter frosts as well as move and construction of green glass, one can not crack.
Looking at the glass properties, the good that he misses hard ultraviolet radiation. The bad - do not miss even a useful range of these rays, and are relatively fragile.
Meanwhile, polycarbonate sheets are really durable, it can be used for more than 20 years. They are 100% recyclable material. Nature lovers pointed out that - it is also an environmentally friendly material.
Not less than a decade, and suitable for use in other plastic coatings with similar properties to the polycarbonate, but perhaps a bit less resistant to impact.

And of course the most relevant is the PRICE - by brand
*What kind of greenhouse to choose, depends not only on the wallet thickness. Should pay closer attention to explain what determines the price structure.
Seemingly also looking for greenhouse structures may be different. One frame is galvanized steel, other - aluminum. The latter are more expensive.
As with many products, including greenhouses and price to a large extent depends on the manufacturer.

It is almost customary that Chinese products are always cheaper than the production of Western Europe. Greenhouses - no exceptions. Apparently would not differ from Chinese greenhouse is really cheaper than produced at Germany.
Of course Chinese products are also quite good. Do not say that the quality worse. Cheaper aluminum metal is unchanged, and the sky is to choose polycarbonate sheets. Significantly lower cost due to cheap labor. Approximately 10 square meters. m area of ​​an aluminum frame and polycarbonate sheets in Europe produced greenhouse costs 3-4 thousand. LTL. The Chinese have the same materials and construction of groves can be purchased for 2-3 thousand. LTL. priklauso
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